Best Gift Ideas for the Festive Season

It is the festive season which is the most opportune time for buying gifts for friends and loved ones. With endless gift items available in the market, indeed it becomes a big task in thinking what is innovative and new or will be worth gifting. Below are some shortlisted gift ideas that you can try out this festive season.


1.     Fashion Accessories- Under this comes a long list of things. Ethnic bags are something which every female requires during a festive season. A beautiful handbag in a beautiful shade and quality material will be an ideal gift to gift your mother, sister or aunt. This will add a quirk to their festive wear. Besides you can also gift them a stylish watch which they can team up with their dress.


2.     Jewellery- Jewellery is every girl’s best friend. If you have a younger sister, you can bring a smile on her face by gifting her sister pendant or sister jewelry  which will complement her festive outfit and help her walk in style. A stylish timepiece will make all heads turn.


3.     Wall Clocks- Gifting a personalized wall clock especially in a trendy design will be an excellent choice to gift a loved one this festive season. It will help in adding zing to a boring wall. Available in various sizes and shapes, you can choose anything from personalised clocks, wooden clocks, designer wall clocks to glass clocks that best suits your needs and budget. A beautiful wall clock will be the right gift idea for a festive season. To add a personal touch, you can customize the wall clock templates using messages, photo collage and pictures making it a gift that is worth remembering.


4.     Metal Posters- For a nerdy makeover there cannot be a better gift than tin signs or  metal posters. This will help in transforming your friend’s humble home from something dull and boring to something eye-catching. Based on their interest, you can use their favourite games, TV shows and movies. The good news is you have the flexibility of choosing from a jam-packed assortment of beautiful metal posters. No matter you desire in decorating your friends room or make their living area alive there cannot be a better way to give their home a makeover than gifting them with personalized posters.


Every year people celebrate a couple of festivals. The endless list gives people enough opportunities for connecting with friends and family forever. The above-mentioned gifts will work wonders in bringing a cute reaction in the face of the recipient. Often getting the right gift can be tricky particularly if one is very choosy. Here you need to buy something really insightful. It is quite obvious that you do not desire in being caught short particularly during a full party spirit during a festival. Why not indulge in these 4 great gifting ideas? People look forward for a festival and celebrate the same with enough spiritual belief, great enthusiasm, pomp and grandeur because they believe that this is the time that will inspire them in leading a better life and will also purify their mind. So, give them the best gift and make their special day all the more special.

Honda Activa 5G- Top features to know

There is a hallmark in every developing country, they tend to utilise two-wheelers more than four-wheelers and this case holds very true for India. Although of late the number of cars on the roads have overtaken the number of two-wheelers. This can be attributed to the ever-increasing purchasing power of the Indian consumer.

Despite this, a scooter is an ever-popular option. They are seen as more economical and safer than other alternatives such as bikes. This is why they sell very quickly and the streets are flooded with them. Among all the scooters running in India, none hold a special place in the hearts of the locals than the Honda Activa.Widely recognized as the ideal scooter since its launch in the mid-2000s it has since become a mainstay on the roads. Today it is running on its 5th iteration.

How is the Honda Activa performing today?

Today it is called the Honda Activa 5G and is one of the fastest selling two-wheelers in the country. it has a 101cc engine that gives 8ps of power at 7500 rpm while producing 9nm of torque at 550 rpm. The scooter now has a combi brake system and features much better drum brakes. There is also the addition of the hydraulic mono-shock suspension at the back. The tubeless tires are now much wider, which makes it easy for the scooter to navigate any slippery terrain. It is very affordable and comes at just a little over 55000 rupees.

It also has brilliant mileage, which is among the best in class. It delivers 60 kilometres per litre and is around 10kmpl more than its nearest rival. India values its fuel economy above all else and in fact, it is the first thing they check in any vehicle. This combined with the affordability of the scooter makes it the fastest selling two-wheeler currently.

The scooter also comes in a new edgy and modern design, which sets it apart from vehicles on the road. The Activa 5G also comes in 8 colours, each of which gives the scooter a unique look and feel. The different colours of the Activa are something new. The previous versions came in muted colours such as greys, whites and blacks. The new look Activa comes in blues, reds and yellows to help it stand apart. The colours don’t look childish or cartoonish, and it has a very mature feel to it. You can also get a variety of accessories with the scooter, to make your ride smoother and more comfortable.

For an everyday commute through the city, the Honda Activa 5G is one of the best options out there. The only gripe with the scooter might be the stiff suspension, which can give you backaches over long periods of driving. Other than this minor inconvenience, this is a great two-wheeler. If you are on the lookout for a scooter which has good fuel efficiency and is budget friendly, the Honda Activa 5G is the perfect option. You can contact your nearest dealership for discounts and payment schemes, along with availability.

Chandelier earrings vs Dangle earrings: the differences

With so many designs available in the earrings these days, the chandelier earrings and dangle earrings happen to steal the limelight as they perfect for all occasions be it informal or formal. Although both of them share the same free-falling design, they do possess some differences in terms of the shape, material used, and the weight.

Online earring shopping has become much easier with several brands getting the products on their website. You can search for a wide variety of designs online and get hold of the ones that appeal to you. Coming back to our discussion on chandelier and dangle earrings, here are some of the differences between the two that would help you know better.

The chandelier earrings derive their name from the light fixture that you often see in homes. The design of these is dense on the top portion of the earring and comes down to a dangle and free-falling like structure on the lower part. These are perfect to give a royal touch to the outfit you are wearing. When we talk about the dangle earrings, they are often simple in designs and come with a long single line with a pattern at the end. The gems that are used in the dangle earring are often circular in design, while in the case of the chandelier design it is more or less in the form of a drape and packed loosely so that it gives an expression of the falling style.

The chandelier earrings are perfect if you want to go for something more heavy and appealing that can turn even a simple look into a sophisticated one. The dangle earrings, on the other hand, give an expression of simplistic design which is suitable for small functions and get-togethers where too much dress-up is not required. The dangle earrings are mostly available with the hook enclosure while the chandelier ones come in stud enclosures and might even prove to be a bit heavier than the former.

Chandelier earrings are perfect for occasions such as weddings or the formal dinners where you are required to dress-up more elegantly and formally. While on the other hand, the dangle earrings are perfect for the everyday purpose and can also be chosen for formal occasions.

When we talk about the weight of the two, the chandelier earrings are quite heavier for obvious reasons because of the design and the material that is used in making them. The dangle earrings, on the other hand, are quite light and can be worn for long hours without causing a pain in your earlobe.

Considering the dresses that go well with these earrings, the chandelier ones can be worn with both indo-western and formal dresses and especially the black ones as they would look more appealing in that case. The dangle earrings, on the other hand, look perfect with everyday wear along with semi-formal dresses and are great for small occasions.

On a final note, this was all about the differences between the chandelier and dangle earrings that you should reckon when you are thinking of purchasing them.  As a piece of advice, you should have both of these designs in your jewellery as each of these has their own charm and outlook.  You never know which one would come handy with a certain outfit, hence it would be better that you have different designs available in the both of them. There are several brands which offer you a huge variety of options in these jewellery pieces both on their online as well as offline stores. So, just go ahead and buy favorite pieces!

Top 5 Tricks To Get The Maximum Discount On Flight Tickets

Travelling is always full of excitement – the joy of taking a break from the daily routine of life and taking a trip to somewhere never ceases to amaze. However, planning for the trip can sometimes be hard, especially on your pocket. Often, airline tickets are the most expensive part of your travel plan and can be quite a buzzkill. Unless you are loaded, and prices don’t pinch you, everyone out there has been through the experience of repeated searches in the quest to find a cheap flight. Most of the times, it has been futile. Here are the top 5 tricks that will help you get the maximum discount flight tickets.

How to Book Cheap Flights

First of all, you should be aware that a lot of “tips for booking cheap flights” that you have read on the internet are just myths. All of those things that you have heard about booking a Tuesday flight, searching for flights in incognito mode, booking during a specific period – all of them, so not true! Moreover who wants to travel on a Tuesday? Unless you are required to be somewhere on a specific date and time. You shouldn’t have to travel following the specific dictates of airline prices, but when you actually want to travel. Say you are trying to book Delhi to London Flights at low cost here is what can be done:

Don’t always Fly Direct

If you are trying to fly from Delhi to London, try booking a different route that involves a layover at another airport instead of booking a direct flight. You can sometimes also take advantage of budget airlines that will fly you from the stop-over airport to your destination and you can save a good deal. Check out all the airlines that will fly you to your final destination. You will need to check out different airlines and special offers which can help you book a Delhi to London flight at low cost. It will be a little more work, but worth the time.

Timing Matters

Airline prices are always fluctuating because of the dynamic pricing policy which changes as per the demand. As much as the prices are mostly only rising, there still is a sweet spot when the airlines decrease their prices again based on the demand. The best time to book a flight is neither way too much in advance, say, 6 months nor right before your trip. The best window to book a Delhi to London Flight at low cost will be about 6-8 weeks before your travel. This however, does not apply if you are booking a flight for the peak season. Even still, you can manage to get a good price if you book about 3 months in advance. And it would always

Loyalty pays off

An airline special offer is one way to get a good discount and sometimes even a free flight and so are your travel reward points. Most of the portals where you book your airline tickets, can not only offer you some great deals while you book your flights via them, they also offer you cashbacks, discounts and reward points with every booking. The reward points accumulate in your wallet and the next time you are trying to book a Delhi to London Flight at low cost, you can use these reward points to get discounts.

Sign up for a Mailing List

Because loyalty pays off, it always helps when you are updated about the latest offers. Sign up for newsletters and you can receive promotions, deals and discounts. Not only will this help you get a decent discount when you are trying to book a Delhi to London flight ticket at low cost, sometimes you might as well get a pretty fancy package deal. Cha-Ching!

Don’t Just book a round trip

As easy as it is to book a round trip, you might not always get a good price for that round trip booking. Look around a little bit, do some window shopping! More often than not, you will see that one carrier will offer you a good deal on your onward flight and a different carrier will give you a good price for your return journey. So instead of booking a round trip ticket straight away, check for one way tickets, and you will have saved yourself quite a bit of cash.

There is a lot more to your trip than just flight tickets. Follow these little tips the next time you are trying to book Delhi to London flights at low cost, and it will save you a lot of time, energy, frustration and most of all – your money. Save a few bucks, and use them for experiences that will matter.

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